We support you at the new-preparation, expansion or modifying your heater, ventilation, and climate-systems as well as your plant or special-mechanical engineering through the planning and project managment total or detail-installations.

During the realization-phase, we produce complete configurations and concept-alternatives interconnected for you with a meaningful cost-benefit-bill.


Repairs and upkeep


High installation-availability means a clear competition-advantage for you. Our online-maintenance makes the premature recognition and removal of weak-places possible.

Our personnel is equipped with modern diagnosis-technology and all necessary tools. For uses in control-areas, we applied for authorizations after §’S 20a radiation-protection-ordinance.

Through the foreign-award of your upkeep, you achieve many advantages:


Montages world-wide


Our assemblers and engineers widen and supplement your control-installation on the spot. You look a small overview of our previous use-places at the world-card below.

In all areas of the electro-technology, we offer you support in the areas at your installation-construction:

The starting of the product comes after conclusion of the systematic installation and supplement of your installation of all electric, electronic one(s) and media-connections. Our assemblers, mechanics and engineers knock down the installation on that occasion until the full availability.



The attainment of the project-goals under observance of the temporal and financial preferences is the central success-criterion from business-view.

Successful project-management however also places before-out that the customer’s needs stand in the foreground for us anytime.

Professional project-management therefore means for us:

We take over the project-management for you in the areas:

Automation-projects with the industry-main focuses heater, ventilation, climate-systems special-mechanical engineering and process-technology (under inclusion of SPS and integration-software)